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Inscription of the Grecian Coffee House, London.

From the title page of Une Journée des Parques: A Day’s Work of the Fates by Alain René Le Sage (1745). Original from Columbia University. Digitized April 13, 2009.

Check out one of my forthcoming projects and follow Detritus: Poems from the Thames Foreshore! —Krissy


Detritus: Poems from the Thames Foreshore Krissy Wilson is searching for textual artifacts in London’s river midden and assembling them into public, mosaic poems.

This is the process blog for my forthcoming Fulbright application, and it features a pique assiette mix of found objects, Victorian perspective on the Thames mudlarkers, folk art, tales of beachcombers worldwide, memoryware, and textual mosaic. 

Mosaic artists, poets, Londoners, beachcombers, anthropologists, and scholars of all kinds: I’d like for you to check out my latest project and I’d like even better to collaborate with you. 

Collage of peritexts, including the printer’s statement, a cataloger’s notes, and a Public Library of the City of Boston paper punch.

From the front matter of The Human Hair: Its Structure, Growth, Diseases, and Their Treatment by Hermann Beigel (1869). Original from Harvard University. Digitized May 23, 2007.

A series of newspaper clippings preserved in rear endpapers, all about cremation; “Cremation has not, as yet, come into popular favor in this country…”, “Cremation and the Parks” (Boston Post, Jan. 16, 1880), “In Favor of Cremation”, “A German Cremation Hall”, “Ashes to Ashes: A School Girl Who Preferred Burning to Burial” (A Telegraph to the Herald), “Cremation in St. Louis”. Digitized folded, in color and in black and white.

From the back matter of Gatherings from Grave Yards: Particularly Those of London by George Alfred Walker (1839). [Here]