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"A Post-it note with the word STOP written in red ink.” Discovered by Christina Foliacci of Dr. Terry Harpold’s University of Florida course Paratexts.

From p. 8 of Manual on the Cultivation of the Sugar Cane: and the Fabrication and Refinement of Sugar by Benjamin Silliman (1833). Original from Harvard University. Digitized September 12, 2007.

Captured Library of Congress Photoduplication Service ruler (!) and ghostly frontispiece produced by microfilming.* 

From The Art of Dancing Explained by Reading and Figures: Whereby the Manner of Performing the Steps is Made Easy by a New and Familiar Method by Kellom Tomlinson (1724, plates 1735). Does not include metadata indicating library of origination or date of digitization (but does include Stanford library artifacts). 

*A physical book microfilmed by the Library of Congress reproduced in printed form and digitized by Google Books.

Newspaper clippings pasted in: “Bendigo Agricultural and Horticultural Society” and “Australian Wines in England.”

From the back matter of A Manual of Plain Directions for Planting and Cultivating Vineyards, and for Making Wine in New South Wales by James Busby (1830). Original from Oxford University. Digitized May 11, 2006.

Handwritten letter, addressing author, confirms the conclusion of the text.

My dear Dr. Kunz;

Replying to your inquiry, I can recall no instance of an Eskimo of the Whale Sound region wearing a ring.

On one of my earlier expeditions I took an assortment of bright rings along in addition to needles, thimbles, (?), soap, etc. for the women of the tribe.

I found they had no attraction. Women would accept them as gifts and hang them up in their huts or houses but would not accept them in payment for anything + would not wear them.

Sorry I cannot be of more assistance to you. Best regards.


The text reads “Rings are not in favor with the Eskimos, who do not appear to make or wear any.”

Between p. 30-31 of Rings for the Finger: From the Earliest Known Times, to the Present, with Full Descriptions of the Origin, Early Making, Materials, the Archaeology, History, for Affection, for Love, for Engagement, for Wedding, Commemorative, Mourning, Etc. by George Frederick Kunz (1917). Original from the University of California. Digitized February 18, 2011.

Cards from catalog pasted in (includes name of purchaser, date of purchase, and amount spent).

From the front matter of Anatomy of the Heart, Cranium, and Brain: Adapted to the Purposes of the Medical and Surgical Practitioner; to which is Added, in Notes, Observations on the Laws of Life and Sensation by Alexander Ramsay (1813). Original from the University of California. Digitized October 27, 2011.

Postcard and religious pamphlet left inside cover of book.

From the front matter of Warrington” Pen Portraits: A Collection of Personal and Political Reminiscenses from 1848 to 1876, from the Writings of William S. Robinson, v.3, ed. William Stevens Robinson and Harriet Jane Hanson Robinson (1877). Original from Pennsylvania State University. Digitized March 27, 2012.