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Elizabeth Whitmore Junior
died May the 7th about for
O Clock in the forenoon
in 1758

My dafter dear, that was so faire
That god did, from us take
my wife and I, are like to die
with grief and pain, our hearts do ach,
Our beloved tender Child..

May 7th Sunday 1758 
Short was my life, longer my rest may be..
Cut off in youth, as you may plainly se..
Nurst up with care, for parrents dear had I.
Which Loved me well, and Griev’d to se me die.
Weep not dear parrents, but pray be Content
For unto you dear frends, I was but lent
Our loving dafter we adore [?] ..
She his gone from us for evermore.

Could someone have been designing her headstone?


Throughout Three Decades of Sermons, Lately Preached to the University by Henry Wilkinson (1660). Original from the University of Michigan. Digitized June 13, 2007.

A series of newspaper clippings preserved in rear endpapers, all about cremation; “Cremation has not, as yet, come into popular favor in this country…”, “Cremation and the Parks” (Boston Post, Jan. 16, 1880), “In Favor of Cremation”, “A German Cremation Hall”, “Ashes to Ashes: A School Girl Who Preferred Burning to Burial” (A Telegraph to the Herald), “Cremation in St. Louis”. Digitized folded, in color and in black and white.

From the back matter of Gatherings from Grave Yards: Particularly Those of London by George Alfred Walker (1839). [Here]