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Negative images of pages and digitization environment superimposed.

Throughout Menander: The Principal Fragments, trans. by Francis G. Allinson (1921). Does not include metadata indicating library of origination or date of digitization (but does include Stanford library artifacts).

Taffy-pull distortion.

From the front matter of The History Of The Troubles And Tryal Of The Most Reverend Father in God, and Blessed Martyr, William Laud, Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, v. 2, by William Laud, Henry Wharton, and Edmund Wharton (1700). Original from the Bavarian State Library. Digitized April 19, 2012.

"Finger gloves and a pinky." Submitted by jennifer-chien of John Crooks's UC Irvine course Digital Media: Current Directions.

From the back matter of Reminiscences of Newport by George Chaplin Mason (1884). Original from Harvard University. Digitized September 6, 2006.