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Reader connects gazes.

From p. 378 of Source Book for Social Origins: Ethnological Materials, Psychological Standpoint, Classified and Annotated Bibliographies for the Interpretation of Savage Society edited by William Isaac Thomas (1909). Original from the University of California. Digitized September 27, 2007.

Handmade, polka-dot book cover with (lewd!) connect-the-dots figure drawn on rear cover.

From Latin Prose Composition for the Middle Forms of Schools by Michael Arthur North (1904). Original from Harvard University. Digitized April 30, 2007.

Frontispiece and reader’s pencil copy of frontispiece. 

From the title page of The Cradle Song and Other Plays by Gregorio Martínez Sierra, with introduction and translation by John Garrett Underhill (1921). Original from Indiana University. Digitized July 15, 2010.