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Page with Lane Medical Library bookplate turned by ethereal hands.

From the front matter of Diseases of Hair by Benjamin Godfrey (1872). Does not include metadata indicating library of origination or date of digitization (but does include Stanford library artifacts).

Employee’s hand with significant distortion and imperfect, reaching autocorrect.

From various pages of An Account of the Pelew Islands, Situated in the Western Part of the Pacific Ocean by George Keate and Henry Wilson (1788). Original from Oxford University. Digitized September 27, 2007.

"Apparently the front and back cover of the book." An employee with orange nail polish and a cut on the ring finger.

Discovered by karinotsuka of John Crooks’s UC Irvine course Digital Media: Current Directions (Arts 12 of Google Books).

From The Beaux Strategem: A Comedy by Geroge Farquhar (1791). Original from the Bavarian State Library. Digitized September 27, 2011.

"Poor scanning renders the page completely illegible and results in a kind of chaotic textual whirlpool."

Submitted by Chris Hawley, of Dr. Terry Harpold’s University of Florida course Hypermedia: Futures of Reading.

From p. 12 and 13 (?) of Rules of Poker (1882). Original from Oxford University. Digitized August 2, 2006.