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Image transferred to protective tissue, and photographed over facing page.

From Encyclopedia of the History of St. Louis: A Compendium of History and Biography for Ready Reference, v. 4, ed. by William Hyde and Howard Louis Conard (1899). Original from University of Minnesota. Digitized July 29, 2010.

Envelope left in book.

Doesn’t it bear a striking resemblance to the illustrations of letters in the text?

From Children’s Letters: A Collection of Letters Written to Children by Famous Men and Women (1905). Original from the New York Public Library. Digitized May 18, 2007.

Library stamp; illustration photographed from behind.

From p. 290 of The History of the Life and Adventures of the Famous Knight Don Quixote de la Mancha by Alonso Fernández de Avellaneda (1745). Original from Oxford University. Digitized September 26, 2007.