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Collage of peritexts. 

From the title page and title page verso of From Under the Cloud: or, Personal Reminiscences of Insanity by Anna Agnew (1886). Original from the University of Michigan. Digitized October 5, 2007.

"The volume has done second service as a scrapbook, not mentioned in metadata." Submitted by asfaltics

Check out some of the other pasted-in articles: “The Grasshopper Plague,” “An Elephant on a Steamboat,” “Where Do These Sponges Go?” “Remains of a Mastodon,” “Hydrophobia,” “A Trout Fish Living in a Well Twenty-Five Years,” “The Little Monster in Your Sugar,” and “Shower of Worms.” 

Throughout A History of the Earth and Animated Nature, v. 2 By Oliver Goldsmith (1855). Original from the University of California. Digitized November 4, 2009.