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"The volume has done second service as a scrapbook, not mentioned in metadata." Submitted by asfaltics

Check out some of the other pasted-in articles: “The Grasshopper Plague,” “An Elephant on a Steamboat,” “Where Do These Sponges Go?” “Remains of a Mastodon,” “Hydrophobia,” “A Trout Fish Living in a Well Twenty-Five Years,” “The Little Monster in Your Sugar,” and “Shower of Worms.” 

Throughout A History of the Earth and Animated Nature, v. 2 By Oliver Goldsmith (1855). Original from the University of California. Digitized November 4, 2009.

Newspaper clippings pasted in: “Bendigo Agricultural and Horticultural Society” and “Australian Wines in England.”

From the back matter of A Manual of Plain Directions for Planting and Cultivating Vineyards, and for Making Wine in New South Wales by James Busby (1830). Original from Oxford University. Digitized May 11, 2006.

A series of newspaper clippings preserved in rear endpapers, all about cremation; “Cremation has not, as yet, come into popular favor in this country…”, “Cremation and the Parks” (Boston Post, Jan. 16, 1880), “In Favor of Cremation”, “A German Cremation Hall”, “Ashes to Ashes: A School Girl Who Preferred Burning to Burial” (A Telegraph to the Herald), “Cremation in St. Louis”. Digitized folded, in color and in black and white.

From the back matter of Gatherings from Grave Yards: Particularly Those of London by George Alfred Walker (1839). [Here]