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"ARRANGEMENT: Interrogative." Employee turns pages.

From The Standard Cipher Code of the American Railway Association: For the Use of All Departments of the Railway Service (1906). Original from the University of Michigan. Digitized July 11, 2005.

"I have no idea what is going on here." Submitted by Greg

From p. 64-65 (?) of Swenska Psalm-boken: Af Konungen Gillad och Stadfästed är 1819 (1870). Original from the University of Michigan. Digitized June 12, 2007.

An employee moves through the book.

Throughout Capt. John Smith: of Willoughby by Alfoed, Lincolnshire; President of Virginia, and Admiral of New England, v. 16, pt. 2, by John Smith, ed. Edward Arber (1895). Does not include metadata indicating library of origination or date of digitization (but does include Stanford library artifacts).

"Estuary tide runs up pages of the Thames." Submitted by John McVey (asfaltics). 

From p. 612-17 (James Walker’s “On the Improvement of the Thames”) in The Nautical Magazine: A Journal of Papers on Subjects Connected with Maritime Affairs, v. 11 (1842). Original from Oxford University. Digitized October 25, 2006.