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Reading around (and through) a burn.

From p. 6 of The Long Lost Friend: or, Faithful & Christian Instructions Containing Wonderous and Well-tried Arts & Remedies, for Man as Well as Animals by Johann Georg Hohman (1850). Original from Harvard University. Digitized December 4, 2007.

Hybridized diagram (plate left folded).

Frontispiece comparing the heights of buildings from The World’s Religions by George Thomas Bettany (1890). Original from the University of California. Digitized February 18, 2011.

An enthusiastic annotator strikes out or comments on anything that does not jive with his or her religious beliefs.

Throughout St. Patrick: His Life and Teaching by Ebenezer Josiah Newell (1907). Original from the University of Michigan. Digitized July 7, 2009.