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"Not sure if this counts, but: Scanner jam(?) on the cover of Venedikt Erofeev’s Moscow to the End of the Line.” Submitted by darnn, who also provided the actual cover.

The front cover of Moscow to the End of the Line by Venedikt Erofeev (Northwestern University Press reprint, 1994). 

Distortion. Submitted by asfaltics: “Recto pages awry. Delightful chapter, as odd as its scan, concluding “We have rode on Buffalo Bill, Grant, Abraham, Mahomet and Solomon.” 

Throughout Rambles of a Southerner in Three Continents by P. L. Groome (1889). Original from Princeton University. Digitized April 7, 2009.

"The volume has done second service as a scrapbook, not mentioned in metadata." Submitted by asfaltics

Check out some of the other pasted-in articles: “The Grasshopper Plague,” “An Elephant on a Steamboat,” “Where Do These Sponges Go?” “Remains of a Mastodon,” “Hydrophobia,” “A Trout Fish Living in a Well Twenty-Five Years,” “The Little Monster in Your Sugar,” and “Shower of Worms.” 

Throughout A History of the Earth and Animated Nature, v. 2 By Oliver Goldsmith (1855). Original from the University of California. Digitized November 4, 2009.

Employee holds together a torn page: “Already! A living manicule.” Submitted by John McVey (asfaltics).

From p. 521 of A Treatise on Concrete, Plain and Reinforced: Materials, Construction and Design of Concrete and Reinforced Concrete, 2nd ed., by Fredrick W. Taylor and Sanford E. Thompson. Original from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Digitized January 7, 2008.

"Estuary tide runs up pages of the Thames." Submitted by John McVey (asfaltics). 

From p. 612-17 (James Walker’s “On the Improvement of the Thames”) in The Nautical Magazine: A Journal of Papers on Subjects Connected with Maritime Affairs, v. 11 (1842). Original from Oxford University. Digitized October 25, 2006.

"Musical notation cropped in such a way that no musical notes remain visible. In addition, this entire book has been digitized in reverse page order, beginning with 357 and proceeding backwards to the beginning to the book. Also, text recognition software incorrectly believes this book to be in Arabic, for some reason." 

Submitted by Gregory Bloch

From The Boston Handel and Haydn Society Collection of Church Music‬: ‪Being a Selection of the Most Approved Psalm and Hymn Tunes, Anthems, Sentences, Chants, &c. : Together with Many Beautiful Extracts from the Works of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Other Eminent Composers, Harmonized for Three and Four Voices, with a Figured Base for the Organ and Piano Forte‬ (1830). Original from Harvard University. Digitized March 7, 2007.

"My curiosity leads me to wonder what the words underneath the slip say. This slip creates a traceable history of the book, showing when it was checked out and returned from the University of California Medical School Library. I also appreciate the shift from hand-written dates to stamps back to hand-written again for the last recorded return date. What happened before the first recorded date? What happened after the last recorded date? This slip also lacks any names…what were the names of the people that checked out the book on those dates? Why did they choose this book, and what did they learn from it?"

Submitted by Catherine Hanson, of Dr. Terry Harpold’s University of Florida course Hypermedia: Futures of Reading.

From the back matter of A Compend of Equine Anatomy and Physiology by William Rice Ballou (1907). Original from the University of California. Digitized November 13, 2008.

"I came across this image the very same day a leaf fell down on my e-reader and turned the page." Submitted by pwclose.  

From The Plague of Ahtens [sic]: Which Hapened [sic] in the Second Year of the Peloponnesian War by Thomas Sprat, Thucydides, and Thomas Hobbes (1709). Original from Oxford University. Digitized July 16, 2007.

"This is one of my earliest findings. I like the warped appearance of the previous page as it was being turned because the extreme distortion illustrates the transformation that takes place during the conversion of the media."

Submitted by Harold Stuart, of Dr. Terry Harpold’s University of Florida course Hypermedia: Futures of Reading.

From p. 826 (?) of Sunset, v. 32 by the Southern Pacific Company (1914). Original from the University of Michigan. Digitized May 17, 2006.

"A picture of bullet impact diagrams that has been crinkled up."

Submitted by Sam Manno, of Dr. Terry Harpold’s University of Florida course Hypermedia: Futures of Reading.

From the back matter of Rifles and Rifle Practice: An Elementary Treatise Upon the Theory of Rifle Firing, Explaining the Causes of Inaccuracy of Fire and the Manner of Correcting It by Cadmus Marcellus Wilcox (1859). Original from the University of California. Digitized November 16, 2007.