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Image transferred to protective tissue, and photographed over facing page.

From Encyclopedia of the History of St. Louis: A Compendium of History and Biography for Ready Reference, v. 4, ed. by William Hyde and Howard Louis Conard (1899). Original from University of Minnesota. Digitized July 29, 2010.

Transfer of folded image from facing page.

"A report on boiquiras, commonly known as timber, canebrake or banded rattlesnake — a species of venomous pitviper found in the Eastern United States (see Wikipedia). Discusses collaboration with Charles Wilson Peale, who kept and studied a boiquira at his museum for several years. 

Ambroise Marie François Joseph Palisot, Baron de Beauvois (1752-1820) — a remarkable life, including a stint in a circus. More here.” 

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From p. 380 of M. de Beauvois’s “Memoir on Amphibia, Serpents,” read February 1797 and published in theTransactions of the American Philosophical Society, v. 4 (1799).  Original from the New York Public Library. Digitized January 8, 2010.